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'smart environment monitoring'
Smart Environment Monitoring through IOT (INTERNET OF THINGS) for explanation visit you tube
NODE MCU (ESP8266-12E) act as a WIFI module and as well as controller. It is very useful in future technology it will play key role in IOT. we done so many projects using node mcu like environment monitoring, smart health care system, agriculture survey , home automation, etc.
Smart water monitoring through IOT (internet of things )
Low Cost Smart Water meters available Water meter for effective & efficient Water Management: 1) No air measurement, 2) No maintenance, longer life, 3) List count - 2 ltr./ hr. flow. 4) Vertical, Horizontal, fixing possible 5) No reverse flow deduction in reading 6) Digital display. 7) Inbuilt Battery 8) Inbuilt RF – AMR (865.5 MHz) 9) 16 YEAR Battery life, 10) 1 time calibrated product. 11) Accuracy – constant 12) Smart alarms – like Leak, Burst, Dry, Reverse, Temper. 13) Logger for 460 days, -- daily readings. 14) Target date billing possible.
Low Cost Smart Energy Meters Self-reading smart meters are a lot like the meter you already have, except they send us your meter readings for you each month, wireless and free of charge. Say goodbye to estimated bills Because your meter readings are automatically sent to us, we'll always send you an accurate bill.
ESP8266 WIFI Eight Relay board on Nodemcu (Smart Strip) Home Automation & IOT
android app for ESP8266 WIFI Eight Relay board on Nodemcu (Smart Strip) Home Automation & IOT
Mining Human Activity Patterns from Smart Home Big Data for Healthcare Applications