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Rasberry pi based projects with low cost
Spartan 6 FPGA Development Board with DDR SDRAM MIMAS V2 is a feature packed yet low cost FPGA Development board featuring Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA. MIMAS V2 is specially designed for experimenting and learning system design with FPGAs. This development board features SPARTAN XC6SLX9 CSG324 FPGA with onboard 512Mb DDR SDRAM. The USB 2.0 interface provides fast and easy configuration download to the on-board SPI flash. No need to buy an expensive programmer or special downloader cable to download the bit stream to the board.
The ESP8285 01M Module is the smallest 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi SoC module, using low power 32bit CPU and compatible with application processor.It supports UART/GPIO/PWM/ADC interface, of Standby power consumption as low as 1.0mW.
Social Media Sentiment Analysis using Twitter Dataset Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit generate huge amounts of big data that can be mined in various ways to understand trends, public sentiments and opinions. Social media data today has become relevant for branding, marketing, and business as a whole. A sentiment analyser learns about various sentiments behind a “content piece” (could be IM, email, tweet or any other social media post) through machine learning and predicts the same using AI.